Current Position.

Indian Insitute of Advanced Study
Rupinder achieved many goals and promotions of his carrier at IIAS, At November 31, 2009. Rupinder singh resigned from his post of network administrator because he got an opportunity to work in IIAS Library, as a Project cordinator. That was a Govt: Contract job, the project is to make the Institutional Library totally Automated and Digital. He joined his Duty in the Library on December 1st 2009. His boss is Mr. Prem Chand, very known personality in library science
from INFLIBNET. They both started collecting resources and funds to establish fully automated system, his boss purchased new Servers, Desktops, Workstations Operating systems, and Jesse started his job of MAKING THINGS RUN. They started many new things in the Library. build up Institutional repository, Internal WEB-SITE, Internal MAIL SERVER. Bar-code Licensing Server Still Many more to GO.
Jesse’s job functions and responsibilities are as follows:-


  • Managing Windows Server 2008 working as LIBSYS server (Library Database Server)
  • Managing and maintaining Wi-Fi Network
  • Managing Windows Server 2003 with Exchange Server 2003 working as Mail Server.
  • Managing Ubuntu Linux Server working as WEB-SERVER Running, content management software (Joomla, Drupal, Wiki, Blog)
  • Managing Windows Server 2008 used for publising Repository contents on the WEB.
  • Generating Bar-code for each book in Library.
  • Monitoring Database after Daily updates
  • Preparing work reports and database accuracy reports.
  • Coordination with colleagues and providing satisfactory solution of there project related problems.
  • Coordination with Vendors regarding supply of required hardware and stationary.
  • Coordination with Technical experts to get the rare books and recordings in Digital format.
  • Coordination with 2 subordinate computer engineers. looking after other departments.
  • Ensuring 100% Security in Wi-Fi network around the campus area.
  • Monitoring Ethernet and Fiber Optic connectivity within the campus.
  • Monitoring Radio Links with the Campus and OFF Campus locations.
  • Handling a network of 150 Computers (In Workgroup) of the Institute.
  • Managing and maintaining NKN network at IIAS.
  • Coordination with NIC shimla and Railtel for all network related issues.
  • Ensuring 0% Network downtime in the Institute.